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CourtLicensing Assembly (Jersey)
JudgeWilliam Bailhache, Deputy Bailiff and Jurats Clapham, Fisher, Kerley, Nicolle, Liston and Blampied
Judgment Date09 April 2013
Date09 April 2013
William Bailhache, Deputy Bailiff and Jurats Clapham, Fisher, Kerley, Nicolle, Liston and Blampied

Intoxicating Liquor — licensed premises — conduct of business

It is in the public interest to prevent drunkenness where possible. The Licensing (Jersey) Law 1974 therefore contains, in art. 12, mandatory conditions that drunkenness shall not be permitted on licensed premises and that intoxicating liquor shall not be supplied to persons under the influence of alcohol, as well as providing offences of procuring or attempting to procure intoxicating liquor for consumption by a drunken person (art. 17); non-compliance by a licence holder with any licence condition or restriction (art. 79); and being found drunk or disorderly on licensed premises (art. 82).

There is a real problem concerning the level of consumption of alcohol in the Island. First, there are health implications and, secondly, there is the contribution which the excessive consumption of alcohol makes to violence and disorder. The Royal Court frequently has to deal with violence committed by persons who have apparently been served alcohol in a public house or nightclub despite being very drunk. It is vital that licence holders abide by the conditions imposed by the Licensing Law, in particular that they should not allow alcohol to be served to underage or intoxicated persons. Licence holders must also ensure that all employees receive appropriate training and are familiar with their responsibilities under the Law. A written...

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