Curgenven v Goncalvez [Petty Debts Ct]

CourtPetty Debts Court (Jersey)
JudgeTrott, Relief Judge
Judgment Date16 February 1989
Date16 February 1989
Petty Debts Ct.
Trott, Relief Judge
Curgenven v. Goncalvez

SOLICITORS—AUTHORITY—ostensible authority to compromise action

A solicitor whose name is on the record has ostensible authority in litigation to negotiate a binding compromise between the parties unless his client has limited his authority and this limitation has been communicated to the other party, provided that the compromise involves matters not extraneous to the dispute (Waugh v. H.B. Clifford & Sons Ltd., [1982] 1 All E.R. 1095, followed).

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