Jersey Evening Post Ltd v His Excellency Sheikh Hamad Bin Jassim Bin Japer Al-Thani (and on behalf of the adult beneficiaries of the Y Trust, the H Trust and the Y No. 2 Trust)

CourtRoyal Court
Judgment Date02 December 2002
Neutral Citation[2002] JRC 227
Date02 December 2002

[2002] JRC 227




Sir Philip Bailhache, Bailiff, and Jurats de Veulle and Allo

Jersey Evening Post Limited
His Excellency Sheikh Hamad Bin Jassim Bin Japer Al-Thani (and on behalf of the adult beneficiaries of the Y Trust, the H Trust and the Y No. 2 Trust)
First Respondent


David Fisher Le Quesne, Advocate (on behalf of the minor and unborn beneficiaries of the said Trusts)
Second Respondent


Standard Chartered Grindlays Trust Corporation (Jersey) Limited
Third Respondent


The State of Qatar
Fourth Respondent


Her Majesty's Attorney General
Fifth Respondent

Advocate N. M. Santos-Costa for the Representor;

Advocate F. B. Robertson for First Respondent;

Advocate M.J. Thompson for the Third Respondent;

Advocate J.D. Kelleher for the Fourth Respondent;

Advocate C.E. Whelan for the Fifth Respondent.


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Application by the Representor to discharge two orders of the Court: (1) an order of 10th October 2001 directing, inter alia, that the Court should sit in camera until further order to hear a representation of the First Respondent under the Trusts (Jersey) Law, 1984; and (2) an order of 21st November, 2001 that there be no publication in the media of any material or information or report relating to, or connected with, the in camera proceedings.




This representation raises important matters of principle in relation to the practice and procedure of the Court when sitting to determine an application under Article 47 of the Trusts (Jersey) Law 1984 (“the Trusts Law”). Jersey Evening Post Limited (“the JEP”) applies to discharge two orders of the Court. The first is an order of 10th October 2001 directing, inter alia, that the Court should sit in camera until further order to hear a representation of His Excellency Sheikh Hamad Bin Jassim Bin Jaber Al Thani (“Sheikh Hamad”) under the Trusts Law. We shall refer to this as “the first order”. The second is an order of 21st November 2001 in the following terms –

“that there be no publication in the media which, for the purpose of this order, shall mean in a programme, service or other communication in whatever form, which is addressed to the public at large or any section of the public, of any material or information or report relating to, or connected with, the present in camera proceedings.

And the Court granted the parties liberty to apply”.

We shall refer to this as “the second order”.


The second order followed the publication in the Jersey Evening Post of an article headed “Court battle over Qatar millions” describing in broad terms the nature of the in camera proceedings and speculating on some of the arguments being advanced. That article led to a complaint of a possible contempt of court from counsel for the State of Qatar as a result of which the editor of the newspaper and the journalist were invited to attend before the Court. The allegation of contempt was referred to the Attorney General and it is right to add that the Attorney found no grounds for taking any further action. After hearing counsel for the parties and (to a limited extent because the principal submissions were made in camera) Mr. Costa for the JEP, the Court made the second order containing the reporting restrictions referred to above. Liberty to apply was given and, pursuant thereto, the JEP brought this representation on 11th January 2002. Advocate Le Quesne, the second respondent, sought and was granted leave to withdraw, and has played no part in these proceedings.

Procedural history

This hearing was held in open court although, without formal objection from counsel for the JEP, many of the submissions made during the course of it were made in camera in the absence of Mr. Costa and his client. At an earlier stage Mr. Costa had complained that the JEP was not aware of the identities of the parties and their respective advocates. Despite some submissions from counsel for some of the other parties that the Court should not confirm in its judgment speculative comment published in the Jersey Evening Post and some other newspapers, we think that the following brief synopsis of the procedural history can be stated without unfairness to anyone. Counsel for Sheikh Hamad consented to the identification of his client, as did counsel for Standard Chartered Grindlays Trust Corporation (Jersey) Limited (“the trustee”). Sheikh Hamad is a member of the ruling family of the State of Qatar and currently holds the office of Minister of Foreign Affairs. The involvement of the State of Qatar is already widely known. The trusts in question are known as the Yaheeb Trust, the Havana Trust and the Yaheeb No. 2 Trust. We refer to them collectively as “the Trusts”.


In May 2001 an application was made to the Court by Sheikh Hamad pursuant to Article 47 of the Trusts Law. It was made in camera. The trustee, Advocate D.F. Le Quesne as guardian ad litem for the unborn and minor beneficiaries of the trusts, and the State of Qatar were convened to the hearing of that application. After hearing submissions the Court declared that the trustee held the assets of the trusts for the beneficiaries named therein respectively and for no other party or parties. That judgment was also given in camera.


On 6th July 2001, a second representation was made by Sheikh Hamad to which all the parties to the May 2001 representation but in addition the Attorney General were convened. Between Monday 19th November and Friday 23rd November argument took place on a preliminary application of the Attorney General. On 14th December 2001 judgment was delivered.


On 21st May 2002 counsel for Sheikh Hamad wrote to the Judicial Greffier pursuant to Rule 6/24 of the Royal Court Rules 1992 seeking to discontinue both the proceedings instituted by the second representation (“the substantive trust proceedings”) and appeals against the Court's order of 14th December 2001. A consent order was issued by the Greffier Substitute on 23rd May 2002. The original proceedings are now therefore at an end.


It is to be noted that the JEP was not informed of this discontinuance despite a direction of the Bailiff given on 28th March 2002 that “pending resolution of the issues raised in the representation, the Judicial Greffier will give the legal advisers for [the JEP] five clear days' written notice of the Court's next sitting on the substantive trust proceedings”. The discontinuance was however followed by a press release issued on behalf of the Attorney General on 28th May 2002 with the agreement of the legal advisers of Sheikh Hamad. That press release indicated that a criminal investigation into the conduct of Sheikh Hamad was at an end and that the Sheikh had voluntarily paid £6 million towards the costs of the investigation into the affairs of his three Jersey trusts.

Is the Court functus officio?

In the meantime preparations for the trial of this representation were afoot. The discontinuance of the substantive trust proceedings however led counsel for Sheikh Hamad to mount an argument that the Court was functus officio which was advanced at hearings on 30th September and 1st...

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