The Tutelle of Fargus

CourtRoyal Court
JudgeHamon, Deputy Bailiff and Jurats Bonn and Herbert:
Judgment Date19 March 1997
Date19 March 1997
Hamon, Deputy Bailiff and Jurats Bonn and Herbert:

R.J. Michel for the representor;

Mrs. S. Sharpe, Crown Advocate, for the Crown.

Cases cited:

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Additional case cited by counsel:

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Texts cited:

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Conflict of Lawschildrenage of majoritycourt may dissolve tutelle of minor domiciled abroad if has reached age of majority under law of domicile, even though under 20legacy under Jersey will of movables may be transferred to him in jurisdiction of residence

The representor sought to dissolve a tutelle following the minor's reaching the age of majority in England.

A testator who had been domiciled in Jersey at the date of his death made a will of movables under which a minor domiciled in England was a legatee. Shortly after his death and after his will had been admitted to probate, a tutelle was established for the minor beneficiaries and the present representor was appointed tuteur of the minor in question.

When the minor attained the age of majority in England, the representor made the present representation seeking an order that the tutelle be dissolved, submitting that even though the legatee had not reached the age of 21 (preventing the dissolution of the tutelle if the legatee had been domiciled in Jersey), nor had he reached the age of 20 (preventing an enagement from taking place), he had reached the age of majority under the law of England, where he was domiciled, and was therefore entitled to an order that...

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